Together. Hello, and welcome to I Am Man. – Because Knowledge is Power.

Find. As an aspiring writer I have designed this atelier to be one of spirited notions, sentiments and ideals, which examine and voice concepts of a conscious and mindful nature. What you will come to discover within this blog is freethinking works that paint a colorful, eye-catching picture, as well as encourage a shift in awareness and mental paradigms as you delve into the fabric of my psychological stitching.

Divine. The writings found herein are composed with the hope of illuminating and educating the reader, by way of highlighting social and spiritual dynamics that are interlocked within my workings. It is as it reveals itself to you. Little occlusion will be found as this does not serve well in decorating the canvas to the standard this information demands.

Count. My approach is intuitive streaming which coincides with a broad spectrum of subjects and topics. I am partial to understanding and acknowledging occult truths, indigenous customs and virtues and presenting writings, which decipher, or at the very least address, paradoxes that deservedly require I do so.

On. I must make clear and disclose to having no engrained religious practices I adhere to. Further to this, I do not subscribe to any such system be it religious, faith orientated, or any political movement. I do not advocate, nor pledge allegiance to any holy text, scripture or extrapolations based on dogmatic and propagandist origins. To continue, I do not pray habitually, attend any place of holy worship, nor submit my physical, mental or spiritual freedom to any external force or form.

Be. I have sought divination and enlightenment through personal experiences, and shall continue to do so, but have not found it pertinent to fixate to any independent, specific or singular belief system. I have always considered attachments of this kind to be counter-productive in the quest of recognition and broad-mindedness.

My agenda is to communicate values most of us have lost, and reintegrate them into myself as a means of attaining a state of well-being and wholeness.

Now. Some of what is found on I Am Man may puzzle or elude you. Presumably, for reasons being the content could well be new or unusual in the sense of contemporary, or social standpoints. I see this as an analogy with riding a bicycle for the very first time. It seemed beyond your capabilities and all you knew, and yet deep within, you felt you could unlock the science and master the challenge. This is not so dissimilar to that moment long ago. I can only implore you galvanize the desire to see through the incline that brought you here.

Done. In earnest, I share with you. Harbouring the volition to grow prudently through the mystical maze of this world and all its meanders, peaks and troughs. I seek the platform to express what intrigues and excites the divine spark within. To breath life into the inner flame of wisdom and evolve without limitation. This idealism encompasses that of a scientist in its essence, which is: to conduct experiments and investigations without restrictive protocols. Or perhaps what I have come to recognise it as. And this is the attitude I embody throughout, therefore in some illogical way, making me an esoteric scientist of sorts! 

I close with thanking you and your engaging in my works, in the hope that you will richly profit, in some way, from your visit.. Rebis.

I AM Master. I am Able. I am Noble. 

I  M .